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For the majority of human history, we’ve spent much of our time closely interacting with the ground whether it be through sitting, crawling, walking, lying down, hunting and gathering, or playing. With the advent of modern technologies such as chairs, shoes, toilets, beds, and vehicles, we have become more and more disconnected from the ground and from movement.

The paradox of these technologies is that they provide us with comfort and support but long-term reliance on these artificial supports leads to increasing rates of pain, immobility, movement dysfunction, and disease that is all too common in today’s modern society.

Human Home Ottawa set out to create furniture that aligns with the true nature of human-beings to help them thrive in their homes and workspaces. We believe that community plays and important role in human health, so we work with local creators to produce high-quality hand-made furniture.



Quality and Intention

Here at Human Home, we deliberately hand-craft each of our products with patience and care. All of our products are made to order to reduce waste and leave room for customization. We strive to fulfil orders in a timely manner, but the process of building each piece can take up to 4 weeks. We thank you for your patience and for supporting local designers and creators.

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