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Tim Holland is an Ottawa-based self-taught woodworker of 7 years. Tim appreciates mid-century modern styles of furniture and enjoys working on large items such as vanities, tables, and doors. Tim creates stunning pieces of furniture that quickly become the centre of attention in any room. Highlighting the natural beauty of wood in his work, his favourite woods to work with are white oak and walnut. He also enjoys threshing boards for reclaimed material to create furniture that gives wood a second life.

Tim enjoys spending his free time spending time with his wife and daughter or in nature picking mushrooms, fishing or searching for the perfect log he can bring back to his family property.

Tim is available for custom pieces. To learn more, send us a message! 


Amber’s passion for sewing and design started early in life. Growing up with very little but having a huge imagination, she was taught that anything was possible if you were inventive enough. These days, she loves to pour that creativity in her work. 

While she learned to sew at a young age, it wasn’t until she was 15 when she purchased her first sewing machine. Since then, sewing for herself and her family has expanded to helping her friends and community, turning her love of sewing into a business. 

Amber enjoys the challenge of designing her own creations from yoga bolsters to reusable kitchen supplies! Outside of the office, she’s kept busy with her two sons, mountain biking, canoeing, cross country skiing, and spending time in nature. 

Amber is available for custom work. Please contact us directly for more information.

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